Hey Hemp! Hemp! Hooray! USA fam!

We have an exciting news for everyone. We are looking to help families deal with stress and anxiety, therefore we are going to give away FREE products to THREE (3) lucky participants!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Our Facebook Page MUST reach 300 likes by midnight (CST) of July 4, 2020 for the contest to commence, otherwise, we will extend for another 7 calendar days until we hit that goal.

2. MENTION/TAG at least 5 friends and use the hashtag #hemphemphoorayUSA in this post

3. Take a picture of you and your cats/dogs and post it on the comment section. It will have no bearing on the contest but it will make our thread lively and cute. We’re saying PLEASE with a big smile in our faces. 🙂

4. Feel free to share this post on your Facebook wall to make it fun and exciting for everyone! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #hemphemphoorayUSA.

See the prizes descriptions below.

What You May Get FOR FREE!

For Pawparent and Kitty Bundle

Menthol Rub 500 mg variant and tinctures for cats 100 mg variant.

For Pawparent and Pooch Bundle

Menthol Rub 500 mg variant and tinctures for dogs 100 mg variant.

Soft Gel Caps

50 mg variant of the Soft Gel Caps

We will draw the winners via electronic raffle 7 calendar days after the contest has ended. We will post the names on this page on the same day after the raffle. You will be contacted via phone and email after the announcement for instructions on how you can claim your prizes.

Good luck everyone and stay stress-free. We are very excited for our first round of FREE GIVEAWAYS!

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